About us

No, Okra & Molly are not ingredients in our Dog Cakes, but rather my childhood dog and cat, who have earned the honor of dedication.  Growing up, our family and so many others treated their pets simply as pets.  All the while though, I couldn't help but see them as my best friends, my partners, my family.  It seemed only appropriate that we would celebrate big family events with them, yet, each Thanksgiving, there was Molly, sitting in the backyard awaiting a turkey bone while Okra ignored us all from the windowsill.
Most of today's pets, luckily, are living in a different time, and modern pet parents realize what a special contribution these pals make to our lives.  Still, with the daily grind and the ongoing list of human birthdays and anniversaries and soccer practices and other tasks, remembering your furry friends can find its way to the bottom of the list pretty often.
So at Okra & Molly, we wanted to make it easy, because why should celebrating be a task? Now, it's no longer your job to remember the date, or to order a cake last minute, or to even go pick it up.  
We're operating out of a small kitchen in Nashville, TN, and no matter how big the company gets, every single Okra & Molly Dog Cake will be decorated by hand, to make sure your pet receives the kind of homemade, from the heart love that they've earned.
Join our pack and find us on Facebook and Instagram.  Your pups are now our pups and we'd love to see them enjoying the Dog Cakes, so post post post!
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