Rope Bone

Okra & Molly

Your dog's favorite chew toy is now completely edible.  The standard Rope Bone displays one frosting toy on top while the Big Dog has two.  Birthday message around the side.  This Dog Birthday Cake comes in three flavors, each with their own assigned base frosting color.  

*NOTE: does not come in Peanut Butter Frosting.



  • With your dog birthday cake, you can add a brand new dog tag for just $1 and an edible Canine Candle™ for $2.  Each package comes with our custom O&M party hat.  Tack on a toy at checkout for NO extra shipping.  
  • Base Colors are Flavor Assigned.  All decoration colors are Baker's discretion, based on your gender and icing selections(natural or colorful).  If you'd like to be more selective, please visit here.
  • All shipments aim to arrive the day OF or BEFORE your selected delivery date. 
  • Standard: 2x4", Big Dog: 2x6"

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    • $22.99