Critter Cake

Okra & Molly

The Critter Cake let's your pal finally catch that pesky rodent!  Sitting on a tree stump, the grumpy critter joins in on the fun, if only for a moment.  **NOTE: all flavors get frosted to look like a tree stump. Critter color may vary.

Unfortunately, the Critter Cake Dog Birthday Cake only comes in standard size.



  • With your dog birthday cake, you can add a brand new dog tag for just $1 and an edible Canine Candle™ for $2.  Each package comes with our custom O&M party hat.  Tack on a toy at checkout for NO extra shipping.  
  • All colors are Baker's discretion, based on your gender and icing selections.  If you'd like to be more selective, please visit here.
  • All shipments aim to arrive the day OF or BEFORE your selected delivery date. 
  • Standard: 2x4"

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    • $27.99