Limited Menu for Sept-October

Hello everyone, John here, owner of O&M. If you've been a customer for a while, you might remember that back in Feb 2020, I was supposed to travel to China to adopt my son.  And then blah blah blah, something weird happened that month (can't remember what?) and everything shut down.  Well, 3.5 years later and we've finally gotten word that we can go get him.  I'm SOOOO excited.  I'm over the moon.  We've waited what feels like an eternity.  The only thing that drags me down right now is the functionality of the shop, and not being able to provide everything for our customers that we normally do.  In my absence, the shop simply won't be able to operate at it's regular speed or quality, so to help, we're limiting the menu.  Some other things that will surely occur:

  • You're not likely to get much response from the team(they'll be slamming to stay on task and get cakes out on time).  Please make sure to get your address right at checkout so we don't have to try to make adjustments after.
  • We won't be doing ANY custom cakes.  This means not even custom colors.  
  • Space will be limited.  Do not delay in getting your order in if the date is available now, as we'll be closing dates out sooner than normal and taking on a limited amount of orders for each delivery date.

Thank you so much for your patience and understanding. Y'all rule.  To go to menu, click here.  Anyone looking to buy our regular cakes: I plan to open the shop back up asap when my son is well settled, hoping that's sometime in October, so if you want, just keep checking back in, or go ahead and select your cakes for the future with the Limited Menu Items.