Shipping Issues

Please see the below list to find your shipping issue.

Luckily, USPS does a fantastic job for us, but let's face it, issues will arise.  No one's perfect, the weather is unpredictable, and in the end, something can always go wrong.  What's most important to remember is that you can usually fix a problem by acting fast.

Currently we've got about a 99% success rate on deliveries.  I wish it was 100 but that's just not the nature of things.

Here's some things to consider if you're seeing a delay or non-delivery on your tracking:


  • while missed deliveries are rare, when they do happen, it's usually on a Saturday.  This is most likely due to the post offices closing early. If you see something fishy on tracking or a package not showing up, the ABSOLUTE best thing you can do on a Saturday is immediately visit the local post office.  They're likely closing early so emailing O&M for help will usually cause you to miss the deadline.


  • this may sound really silly, but almost every time we hear this, it's because a customer is expecting the package at the front door.  Remember, it's the mail, so it's often in your mailbox, or perhaps somewhere out of the way on your porch.  
  • occasionally, a mailman will scan packages while on route, so it says "delivered" even before he's dropped it off, but is still on the way.
  • i have no idea why, but very rarely, the mailman scans "delivered" and then takes the package back to the Post Office, only to deliver the next day.  If you're super anxious to get it, you could always go down and demand it before they close.  Not fun or convenient, but sometimes the only option.


  • if you accidentally put the wrong address, the mailman will ship it back to us, but don't fret, the package is usually at your local post office for at least another day.  The sooner you get there, the better chance you have to retrieve before they return it.  There's nothing O&M can do about an incorrect address or inaccessible mailbox.
  • there are a variety of reasons your mailman doesn't have access to your mailbox(dog in yard, locked gate, road construction, locked building, full mailbox, etc.)  In these instances, they'll try again tomorrow but the situation must be remedied.  When in doubt, the sooner you visit the local post office, the better chance of getting the package.


  • this one stinks for sure.  It could be mechanical issues at the post office, it could be terrible weather between you and Nashville, but for whatever reason, there's a delay.  Typically this only means it will be 1 day late.


  • most of the time you're seeing this, keep in mind that we may be processing your shipping labels up to a week in advance for planning purposes, so your cake doesn't actually even exist yet.  It won't actually ship until 2/3 days before your selected delivery date.  No, your cake isn't molding on a shelf for 4 days.
  • VERY rarely USPS just doesn't scan a package.  It will have no tracking and then suddenly appears on your doorstep.  It's very annoying but it happens.  Never hurts to reach out to O&M just to check, though, and we can happily reassure you the package is en route.  

And finally, some helpful advice:


  • O&M guarantees to get your cake shipped on time.  That's not the same as getting it to arrive on time.  The 'arrival' part is out of our hands.  For that, if you're hoping to yell at someone, consider the mailman(though probably don't, it's likely not his fault either), or consider whoever created this mixed up world of ours.  Things happen, and while we're sad about it and sympathetic, O&M condemns mistreatment, foul language, accusations, and rudeness to our employees.  It's not a good way to go through life, so please, be nice.