Holiday Season Shipping Warning

Hello, it's John, owner of O&M.  I'll be frank with you.
The holidays are upon us.  Every year, shippers are overloaded with packages to deliver and are pushed to their limits.  Add in their Covid precautions and I suspect this Christmas season to be even worse.

O&M has no control over this.  The only thing we can maintain is our continued effort to make a fantastic and fresh cake and ship it on time for the date YOU SELECT.   

When a cake arrives late, some customers have become angry and demanded to know "Why didn't you ship it sooner?"  The answer is: we ship for the date YOU SELECT.  If you want it earlier, set a delivery date for earlier.  But we only ship fresh cakes with a minimal shelf life and an assumption for a reasonably on time delivery, so what to do with that cake when it arrives is your prerogative.  (NOTE: plenty of shipments are still arriving on time, but delays are random and increasing).

My final take on this is: I wouldn't have started this company if I didn't understand just how important these occasions are.  That's why we work so hard.  But during this time, my best advice is to be understanding and fluid in your plans.  It's probably not the best time to plan a huge event on a specific day at a specific time that all hinges on a beleaguered postal service delivering your cake on time.  Or if you do insist on this, plan ahead, order delivery early, freeze the cake, and thaw it on party day.  If you can't do this, please don't buy here.  The more time we spend re-explaining this to customers is less time we get to spend working efficiently to get everyone else's cake out a day early, that's just the truth. 

UPS is also an option at checkout, and while they're not going through the same troubles as the post office, they're also seeing occasional late deliveries.  UPS has been more reliable but be aware they don't deliver on Saturdays or Sundays so you'll need a business day for delivery.

Sincerely not liking 2020,