Personalized & Custom Dog Birthday Cakes

At Okra & Molly, we provide pups nationwide with custom dog birthday cakes on their special days. From simple circular cakes to extravagant custom designs, we have just what you need! In addition to personalized dog birthday cakes, we also offer training graduation cakes, wedding announcement cakes, and more! Whatever your dog cake dream is, we can make it come true. Order custom dog birthday cakes with Okra & Molly today!

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Who doesn't love birthday parties? Birth or adoption days are special days for pet owners everywhere, and it's a special day for your pup as well. There is nothing more amazing as a dog mom or dad than to see your furry best friend enjoy the special day with you. How can you include your dog in your celebration, though?

You can find adorable custom cakes for your dog that are actually packed with great ingredients for them. Our custom dog cakes come with nutritious ingredients such as molasses, magnesium, calcium, honey, pumpkin, and peanut butter. These all have wonderful benefits for your dog's health, and your pooch will love the cake too. The only sugar is in the peanut butter, which is a food that is also great for healthy fat and protein. As an added bonus, it's a flavor favorite for many canine pals!

From a small get-together to a themed event, purchasing a custom dog cake is a great idea for your beloved pet. There are many flavors of cakes and a variety of cake colors, and these delicious desserts can even be personalized with the help of our experienced custom cake specialists. We hope you enjoy the celebration and that your pup loves their yummy birthday cake!

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