About us

Your dog is unique, so shouldn't her birthday cake be too? 
Our policy is that every cake is like a paw print, and that no two should ever look alike, so decorators strive to mix and match and tweak to create a special masterpiece each time.
Other Dog Birthday Options are either old biscuits on a shelf or some repeat pattern churned out a billion times at another cakemill.  We want something your pup can call her own.
We're operating out of a small shop in Nashville, TN, and no matter how big the company gets, every single Okra & Molly Dog Cake will be decorated by hand, to make sure your pet receives the kind of homemade, from-the-heart love that they've earned.
Join our pack and find us on Facebook and Instagram.  Your pups are now our pups and we'd love to see them enjoying the Dog Cakes, so post post post!
For questions, concerns, suggestions, bark at mollythedog@okraandmolly.com
PS. Here's our wonderful team of fresh egg makers, resting after a long day of producing fresh, free range doggie cake eggs.
Fresh Egg Chicken