Are these dog cakes healthy for my pet? - Absolutely.  While Okra & Molly Dog Cakes should only be served as a treat and not a meal replacement, they are still very nutritious and contributive to your dog's diet.  Oil is good for the coat.  Blackstrap molasses is full of iron, magnesium, calcium and several others. Honey contains many vitamins and assists with allergies, digestion, and infection.  Pumpkin is chocked full of beta carotene as well as fiber.  Peanut butter offers great healthy fat and protein. 

How do I preserve my dog cakes for later? - All cakes will arrive with a couple days life on them, so really the box is the best storage.  But if you need to keep it longer, the absolute best way to preserve your Dog Cakes is in a freezer bag in the freezer.  Due to the nature of the frosting, remove Dog Cake IMMEDIATELY from the bag when thawing.  Allow an hour or two before serving up.  Feel free to slice and toast!

Do I have to subscribe? - Not at all.  If you'd prefer your buddy taste test first, by all means, select One Time Purchase.

What if I'm not home for delivery? - No worries.  Our frosting won't melt in the heat and the packaging is well insulated.  Short of a tornado or squirrel thievery, your Dog Cake will wait for you just fine.  During summer humidity, it's a good idea to let the box sit inside for an hour or two before opening.

Are there any sugars in my dog cakes? - The only sugar found in our Dog Cakes is in the peanut butter, though trace amounts are contained in the food coloring. Go "Natural" and you won't receive any artificial coloring.

Can I custom order my cake designs? - For something completely different from our standard collection, go here. For our standard collection of designs, it is most often Baker's Choice on which colors and finishes will be on the Dog Cake.  This is for functionality purposes and to keep cost low for the customer.  Like snowflakes, however, no two O&M cakes are alike because we hand design here in the kitchen.  As we celebrate each year with your pup, she'll receive a beautiful collection.  We promise.

Can I request specific colors? - For a standard cake, no.  You can mention a request in the notes section at checkout and we'll hopefully see it, but most often, the designer is focused on creating a unique and beautiful cake, and those notes often go overlooked.  Also, we don't always keep every color onhand.  Specific colors can be requested through a custom order(usually an additional 7$)

What is "Baker's Choice" design? - Typically, this means the designer will select a design from the collection, whichever's feeling jazzy that session.  Occasionally this can be a surprise design that no one's ever seen before, if we're practicing one, but typically it's a selection from the current collection.  If you're a last minute order, this is the best option, since the designer will best be able to determine which designs fit your timeframe.

Do you offer discounts for multiple dog homes? - We haven't perfected this yet, but here's a discount code if you order two birthday Dog Cakes: DOUBLEPUP10 to get 10% off.  As we move forward, plans will change as we learn more about our customers.  

Why don't you have a cake for all the other holidays? - Good question.  We'd love to, but for now, it's up to the customer.  If enough requests come in for a particular holiday like St Patty's or New Years Day, and we can add it to the collection, we'll be happy to do so.

Do you have different sized cakes for different sized dogs? - We have two sizes, the "Standard" at 2"x4" and the "Big Dog" at 2"6".  But really, it's up to the owner to determine what they're dog will want.  Plenty of big dogs enjoy little cakes and vice versa.

My dog won't eat your dog cake.  Does that mean it's terrible?  - We certainly hope not!  You know better than anyone what makes your pup tick, but if he needs some inspiration, Okra & Molly's in-house mascot Logan prefers a slice to be toasted slightly before serving.  

Are your dog cakes okay for small dogs that can't chew hard treats?  - The cakes are very dense, but certainly not "hard."  Consider them more of a very thick muffin.  It will require some time to chew them, but not strength.  They're not milkbones, for sure.

How can I check on my order or track my package?  - You should receive an email with your tracking number to track via USPS.  If you're still having trouble, contact OkraTheCat@okraandmolly.com.  Occasionally you'll receive your "Shipped" email before the package has actually left the shop.  This is because we've downloaded your shipping slip in order to plan accordingly if USPS is making it a 3day ship.  

 What's the deal with shipping? - We've been finding new tricks and shortcuts to speed along the decorating process, so sometimes we can have your Dog Cake out within 24hrs, but there's just no guarantees.  From there, we use a 2-day shipping with USPS but as mentioned above, they sometimes make that a 3-day depending on your location.  And then Sundays throw a wrench into all of that because USPS is shut down.  A good rule of thumb: If you order a rush Dog Cake Monday night, we bake Tuesday, Ship Wednesday, you should have it by Friday or Saturday possibly.  But sometimes we could get it out within the first day.  Hope that helps.

How can I contact you? - If you've placed an order, simply reply to that confirmation email, or use okrathecat@okraandmolly.com.  

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