Custom Dog Cakes

Not finding what you're looking for in our designs?  Got a special themed event coming up or a special pup with her very own style?  Give us a bark and let's see what kinda masterpiece will come of it.  Custom Dog Cake designs typically start at 50$ but can increase based on timing, difficulty, and ingredients.

Here are some key notes on custom ordering:

  • 1- Please be as concise as possible.  Please don't send just a theme like "Summer" or "Star Wars" or "Sharks."  Put simply, I don't have the time or capacity to research or come up with the layout or idea for you.  "I'd like a big white cake with Red Drips coming down the side and Harley Quinn's face on top" is a much better start.  The more detailed you are, the more likely I will be able to respond & complete the order. As a small business, efficiency is key in keeping orders going. 
    2- Please don't ask us to "be creative."  I appreciate the trust, but being creative takes time, and we don't have it.  Getting the details locked down is the only way to get your custom done.  If I get an email  with a formulated idea and one with a "be creative", I'll be going with the formulated one.
    3- Send reference pics.  Logos, cakes, team fonts, scenes, pics of your dog's face
    4- Custom Slots are limited and FIRST ORDERED, FIRST SERVED.  This means that if you start a conversation about a custom but don't finalize for three weeks, another customer can come in after you and take that date.  Whoever finalizes their details first and places the order gets the slot, even if you and I have been discussing a custom idea for two weeks.  
    5- If you've not provided it yet, please send the Celebration Date
    6- For Dog Face Cakes, please provide a pic of the pup, preferably straight on.
    7- If you've not yet, do peek at our Instagram to get a feel for what kinds of things/sizes/shapes we are able to do.  While I do want to continue to create new ideas and break boundaries, there are certain things that just won't survive shipping.
    8- Custom Costs typically range $50-$100.

Submit your idea today  and we'll get back to you with a price and plan.  All ideas are not guaranteed.

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