Custom Dog Cakes

Not finding what you're looking for in our designs?  Got a special themed event coming up or a special pup with her very own style?  Give us a bark and let's see what kinda masterpiece will come of it.  Custom Dog Cake designs start at 30$ but can increase based on timing, difficulty, and ingredients.

Here are some key notes on custom ordering:

  • Allow at least two weeks to plan.  Usually we need to email back and forth for a few days to get the details exact.  This is important to both of us, so let's get it right.
  • Please have some ideas in mind, fine tuned and as specific as possible.  I appreciate the respect you have for our creativity, but simply saying "i want a cake that is space themed" is not enough.  That's a broad idea and we make cakes for your ideas, we do not google ideas for you.
  • If you have reference pics of what you're wanting(Pup Patrol, Star Wars, Harry Potter) that will help.  Provide a pic with your email so we don't have to go searching.  It will delay a response.  
  • Please peek at our roster of cakes or the Instagram to see what types of cakes we do.  While the goal is to definitely break some boundaries and create new things, you'll hopefully get a scope of what styles and limits we have.  If your concept has a bunch of hanging appendages that will break during shipping, we can't make it.
  • Please don't send pics of other dog bakery photos and ask us to replicate.  I don't want them copying our stuff, and vice versa.  
  • DOG FACE CAKES: if you'd like one, please include a pic of your dog, straight on, so we can see his symmetry.  Not from above or profile, but straight on.  Tongue out is cool, but it may add some cost.
  • Most of our truly custom cakes fall between 55-80$ to give you a ballpark.

You can check out some of our purchasable customs right here.

Submit your idea today  and we'll get back to you with a price and plan.  All ideas are not guaranteed.


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