Subscription Details

Your pup's birthday is now as easy as pie...err, cake.

Subscription reflects a 10% discount off regular prices, and that's a lot in dog years.

  • Birthday Cake Subscription: With this option, you've elected to receive a beautiful dog cake from Okra & Molly each year, in time for your dog's birthday.  Every cake will be personalized with his age and name, and will feature a new flavor  and design from the collection.  Your pup will never receive the same design twice.  
  • Birthday Box Subscription: With this option, the same rules apply for the cake, but your pup will also receive a fun party toy(O&M Party Balloon or other medium sized toy) to enjoy or destroy, and one of our fantastic Birthday Bandanas or Birthday Bow Ties. 

Cake Sizes: Dog cake size can be selected at purchase. 

  • Standard is our single serving size, or small dog cake, 2"x4". 
  • The Big Dog Cake is for big dogs, or sharing families, 2"x6".


At the beginning of your birthday month, emails will go out as a friendly reminder, often with discount codes for other items should you want to come to the store and tack on some more gifts.

The subscription is designed to put your pup's birthday on autopilot.  If you'd like to be more hands on with the event, perhaps our single purchase items are more your speed.  You can find those here.

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