Current Subscriber Changes

We are simplifying Birthday Subscriptions.

From now on, Birthday Subscriptions will be Baker's Choice only, meaning your pup will receive a surprise flavor and design each year, without ever receiving the same design twice.  This way, you won't have to log in and try to swap this or that.  It'll all be done for you, and every birthday will be an awesome one.  Most customers were already doing this anyway, but this change just makes it all official.

Since Okra & Molly started, the goal has been to streamline your pup's birthday and assure y'all get the absolute best cake in America, on time each year.  

As the first couple of months of returning subscribers has just past, it's become obvious the current process for Subscriptions was going to be too much hassle for some folks, so rather than annoy, we're tweaking that process.

Should you decide you'd like to be more "hands on" with each cake, you can always cancel the subscription and select any of our Single Purchase cakes.

For those continuing Subscribers, please accept our thanks, as well as discount codes that you can use at the store to be added on to your upcoming package.  Emails will go out for upcoming Subscription Birthdays with new product info and discount codes.

If you'd like to see the new product page for the different Okra & Molly Birthday Packages, click here.

**All cake flavors are now WHEAT FREE, even the Carrot Cheddar, so unless your pup hates cheese, all cakes are now wonderfully healthy for your dog**