"When Should I Order?"

Did you know that you can order your dog birthday cake at any time of the year and we'll stick it on the calendar?  Problem solved!  Order today and the only thing you'll need to worry about is squirrels stealing it from your porch.

There's no such thing as too early.  Early orders allow us to plan accordingly, but your cake is still baked up and sent close to your date, to optimize getting your pup the freshest and fastest cake possible.  Last minute orders can be limited on designs or flavors, so order now to get what you want.

Did you also know that O&M cakes can get to you faster than your local bakery?  3-5Day wait time?!  No thanks, let us get you covered in two.  You can even have it tomorrow with Overnight Shipping.

Most packages are sent as a 2day ship.  When in doubt, you can always reach out and check.

While delays are extremely rare, sometimes the mailman will be a day late, so we typically suggest this Delivery Date chart:

  • Need Monday: Deliver MONDAY/SATURDAY
  • Need Tuesday: Deliver MONDAY
  • Need Wednesday: Deliver TUESDAY
  • Need Thursday: Deliver WEDNESDAY
  • Need Friday: Deliver THURSDAY
  • Need Saturday: Deliver FRIDAY
  • Need Sunday: Deliver FRIDAY

Please don't plan a big party at noon that relies on a mailman delivering by 11am.  That's a bad idea.  If you've you've got a very specific party time, the best rule of thumb is set delivery the day before.

Thanks, y'all.