Holiday Shipping

Yay, tis the season for late packages!!

Not really, but the chances are certainly increased.  USPS is loaded up this month with SOOO many shipments trying to get delivered for the holidays, and it literally starts around Thanksgiving.

At O&M our only goal is to make you and your pup as happy as possible with whatever joyous occasion y'all are celebrating, and the last thing we'd EVER want is to disappoint.  But the fact of the matter is we're a very cool bakery and not at all a shipping company, so this month, we're literally at the mercy of holiday mayhem.

So rather than set you up for disappointment, let's be honest: there's a high chance of delay and for that reason we absolutely will not be responsible for shipping delays during this time.  

A great idea is to set a delivery date for the the day before(or two!) you actually need it.  You can always freeze a cake, but you certainly can't travel back in time once it's late.

I'm very sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but its just facts.  I'd love for O&M to be part of y'all's celebrations this season.  Thanks!!