Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions

Okra & Molly strives to give your pup the very best cake possible, and no cake leaves the shop without that qualification.  However, once it does enter the hands of the USPS, Okra & Molly is no longer in control.

Occasionally, packages arrive late, never show, or do arrive but can't be found.  For those rare instances, we've created these positions on various situations:

  • Package is late due to Okra & Molly failing to ship on time: 100% return
  • Package is late due to unforeseen forces(weather, USPS mistakes, etc): 50% return
  • Package never arrives due to customer shipping error, incorrect address, address accessibility issues: No return
  • Package tracking shows as "delivered" but no package is found: Okra & Molly will ship another cake at the soonest possible date.  No return.

As stated, once the package is in USPS possession, Okra & Molly has no control over the package.  It is very rare, but on occasion, packages will show as "Delivered" but are not actually at the right address.  The below tips have proven helpful in most of those cases.  Should you find that a package shows as "delivered" but the package is not on your doorstep or in your mailbox, here are some tips to track it down:

  • Check with your neighbors(this is a common delivery mistake)
  • Check similar addresses in your neighborhood( 123 Foster St, 132 Foster St, 321 Foster St)
  • Speak face to face with your postman or local postal worker.  Calling by phone just doesn't seem to have the same helpful result
  • Assure that your property/building/road/company allows access for USPS

These may seem like tasks, but we only offer this advice because we want your pup to get her cake on time, and these are usually the best methods for making that happen.

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