How We Work


STEP 1: Find a design you like

STEP 2: Add your pup's info and delivery date

STEP 3: Add some toys or wearables if you wish

STEP 4: Tell your dog to be nice to the mailman

The week of your dog's big day, we'll bake a cake to her liking and hand decorate a unique and beautiful design to ship out based on the date you selected(you can order MONTHS in advance).  For Standard Designs, base colors match the frosting you select, while decorations and writing will be based off the gender and decorator's preference.

~It's not a good idea to set delivery for the day you have a party.  

~O&M seeks to give every pup in America their very own birthday cake that looks like no other, and to get it shipped as Fresh/Fast/Fantastic as possible.  For these reasons that we cannot take special requests on regular orders.  You can add something in the Note Section at checkout but it is NOT guaranteed, and to be honest, not often seen until the cake is done. 

~Please don't select a date and then leave that item in your cart until the last minute.  By the time you complete the purchase(two days before your delivery) it's too late for us to get the order out, regardless of the date you selected.  

~The only way to get exactly what you want is the Color Your Own Cake or email us for a specific Custom Quote. 

~The only thing we guarantee is to ship your cake on time.  We don't guarantee delivery time.  We are not the shipping company, and cannot control what they do once the package is in their hands.

~If you're really last minute(2/3days away), you should select from the Ship Today Cakes.  If you've selected a delivery date that's two days away, please make sure the shipping at checkout is also 2days, or you'll need to pay for faster shipping.

~Important info about shipping HERE, as sometimes the mailman will be a day late, so we suggest the following delivery chart:

  • Need Monday: Deliver MONDAY/SATURDAY
  • Need Tuesday: Deliver MONDAY
  • Need Wednesday: Deliver TUESDAY
  • Need Thursday: Deliver WEDNESDAY
  • Need Friday: Deliver THURSDAY
  • Need Saturday: Deliver FRIDAY
  • Need Sunday: Deliver FRIDAY

      Please don't plan a big party at noon that relies on a mailman delivering by 11am.  That's a bad idea.  And if you're leaving Friday, the day you NEED the cake is Thursday, so set delivery for Wednesday.  Don't let a day late cake arrive while you're getting on your flight.

And that's it.  Share with us how much you love your dog, and we'll try to match it every year.