How We Work

STEP 1: Select a Dog Cake.  Pick a Birthday or Holiday or all or some.

STEP 2: Add your pup's info and flavor choices

STEP 3: Choose a One-Time-Only purchase or Subscribe to get your pup treat in a different design year after year.

STEP 4: Add some toys or wearables if you wish.

The week of your dog's big day, we'll bake a cake to her liking and decorate by hand a unique and beautiful design.  For the many years to come, your pup will receive a new yet signature cake fresh and on time, just for her.  Don't know your pup's birthday? No worries, just email us at

Included in Birthday/Adoptiversary packages, you'll find a brand new dog tag each year and our Okra&Molly party hat.  ALL Dog Cake packages include shipping.  Depending on how many toys added, there may be a small shipping charge.

And that's it.  Share with us how much you love your dog, and we'll try to match it every year. Dog Birthday Cake, Dog Bakery, Gotcha Day, Dog Treats, Online Dog Bakery, Dog Toys







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