3Tier Tower Cake

Okra & Molly

You're gonna need a sturdy table.

(Must be ordered 4 business days prior to delivery date)
This cake is for an ultimate celebration, featuring a 3 Tier stack of our Peanut Butter Apple cakes to tower over all other dog cakes, with gender specific Bonemosaic design crawling up the stack.  For a party or one reallllly hungry pup. 



  • Need to Know Advice
  • Each package comes with our custom O&M party hat.  Tack on a toy at checkout for NO extra shipping.  
  • Base Colors are Flavor Assigned.  All decoration colors are Baker's discretion, based on your gender.  If you'd like to be more selective, please visit here.
  • O&M does NOT guarantee any special requests in Notes Section.  If you'd like a custom cake, please email okrathecat@okraandmolly.com
  • All toys featured are NOT included
  • All shipments aim to arrive the day OF or BEFORE your selected delivery date.
  • Size: Top-2x4", Middle-2x5", Bottom-2x6"

  • $57.00