Standing Birthday Cakes

Okra & Molly

We've taught our old cakes some new tricks.  Now they stand!  Introducing a new twist on some favorite designs that are perfectly instagrammable(is that even a word?).  They'll pose perfectly with your pup but won't last long, usually getting their legs bitten off shortly after.  This Dog Birthday Cake comes in two flavors, each with their own assigned base frosting color.

This cake may need a little lead time, so not available for last minute orders.  If you need it in the next two days, it's best to hit up our Ship Todays.

WARNING: this is a Display Cake.



  • Need to Know Advice
  • Each package comes with our custom O&M party hat.  Tack on a toy at checkout for NO extra shipping.  
  • Base Colors are Flavor Assigned.  All decoration colors are Baker's discretion, based on your gender and icing selections(natural or colorful).  If you'd like to be more selective, please visit here.
  • O&M does NOT guarantee any special requests in Notes Section.  If you'd like a custom cake, please email
  • All toys featured are NOT included
  • All shipments aim to arrive the day OF or BEFORE your selected delivery date. 
  • Standing Cakes: 4.5x4.5"
  • $28.00